Model ATI 42 - Aquaculture Axial Pump


The AgriMarine 42”Axial Pump was custom engineered for low head/high capacity pumping requirements, typically in hatcheries and land-based recirculation systems (RAS), or where large amounts of water need to be moved. The AgriMarine 42”Axial Pump may be engineered to suit your
requirements, ensuring cost-efficiency and superior performance.


  • Superior high performance Axial Pump
  • Sophisticated desigthat transfers high volume water with low head
  • Pump efficiency up to 85%
  • Durable and robust constructiofor long life
  • Reliable and proveperformance


  • Diverse aquaculture applications
  • For salt and fresh water bodies
  • With small size adjustments, the applications are unlimited (where large quantities of water are required to move with low head such as waterworks, water supply, drainage and irrigation)


  • Optimum Capacity: 5700 m3/h -6480 m3/h
  • Heads up to: 1.2m (4 ft)
  • Available i42”, (1.05 m) sizes (smaller diameters available)

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