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Model B10 - Compact Bedformer for Fruits and Horticulture



Our adjustable Cosmeco bedformers are equipments of excellence to which is entrusted the creation of the seedbeds - that is the last and important step for soil preparing – for the harmonious development of the roots and the plant, with optimum and visible results on the quality of the crops.

The correct tillage of the compact bedformer perform, solves the excessive compaction of the soil by reconstructing its porosity and incentivizing the recirculation of air and water. This ensures a fast germination and optimal growth conditions for asparagus, strawberries, soft fruits (berries), potatoes, manioc and all other crops which need this specific and effective cultivation method.

The functioning of our beformers comes by the two lateral rotors, which finely grind the soil and channel it in the central part of the frame, creating a soft bed with trapezoidal shape and not too compact.

Our model B10 is the most compact version of the bedformer, and thanks to its considerably reduced dimensions,  it facilitates access in greenhouses and areas with limited spaces; but it is perfect also for open field. Only its width is adjustable and once combined with complementary accessories it allows to perform in a sole step bedforming, irrigation hose laying, mulching, earthing up, fertilizing and pest control spraying.

Compact bedformer at work

Watch the video of our compact bedformer at work, in greenhouse and open field, with also the plastic mulch layer!

Technical Aspects:
  • For best results we recommend a previous and complete soil tillage at least 20 cm deep
  • Transmission with cardan shafts and oil-immersed gears
  • 2category three-point hitch
  • Rotors diameter: 43 cm
  • No. 08 knives for each rotor
Main Strenghts:
  • Suitable for all type of soils with no overfilling risks
  • Bed forming in reduced space
  • Maximum yield in greenhouse and/or open field
  • Up to 3 beds in a greenhouse 5.20 m large
On Demand:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Mulching machine – Irrigation hose layer, single or double -  Rear tamping roller equipped with one or two tracing ring for the irrigation hose – Adjustable bar with row-marker disk – Electric INOX microgranulator/fertilizer distributor with cabin control – Reinforced knives with tungsten, for strong soils.

We also conceive and realize on demand bespoke solutions and projects: widened chassis, special lead angles, extra options not present among the standard ones, or particular equipments.

Contact us for a free consult about the most appropriate choice for your terrain, we will seek the best solutions together with you to suit the situations that arise from time to time.


  • R.P.M.


  • HP


  • Km/h

    0,5 - 1,0

  • Kg


  • Centre-to-centre distance

    130 cm

  • Bed size

    A: 48; B: ≤40; C: 95

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