Mac Bert S.A.S.

Mac Bert S.A.S.

Model B250 - Tree Spade Extir Plants


The Extir-Plants B250 has a maximum width of cm.85, useful for working in narrow rows of nurseries. It has 2 spades that descend almost vertically into the ground and 1 back lance who cuts off the tap-root of the plant. It falls into the ground in an arc. It can realize clods from a minimum of cm.22 to a maximum of cm.33, changing, of course the spades. It’s suitable for shrubs, hedge plants and small trees.

Machine dimensions:

  • width (mm) 800
  • length (mm) 1.000
  • heigth (mm) 1.700
  • Weigth (kg) 330
  • Spades number 2
  • Side lances number 1
  • Functioning (without vibrations) hydraulic
  • Working pressure (bar) 150
  • Tractor power (HP) min-max 25-45

Standard size of the truncated cone of sod:

  • upper width (mm) 220-270-300-330
  • lower width (mm) 200
  • heigth (mm) 300
  • Maximum weigth that can be moved (kg) 50
  • Average amount of time for one work cycle (sec) 40

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