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- Model 50 - Concentrate Insecticide Concentrate Liquid



NUVACID 50 is a concentrate insecticide suitable for a disinfestation of indoor and outdoor environments. Particularly suitable in empty warehouses and silos in rural, industrial, livestock and civilian areas.

  • New effective formula
  • Broad spectrum of action
  • High killing power
  • High knock-down and flushing effect


Mites, flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes (including tiger mosquitoes) and crawling insects like beatles and cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, parasites of warehouses and foodstuffs (Plodia interpunctella, Tribolium confusum, etc. ..) and other insects of sanitary interest.

The volume of liquid can be increased up to a ratio of 1:20 with appropriate diluent/solvent (NEWSOL®/BIOSOL®).

Tetramethrin technique 92% gr 3,1 (26 gr/lt)
Piperonyl butoxide 90% gr 15,4 (130 gr/lt)

NUVACID® 50 is distributed with normal hand pumps or atomizers nebulizers at normal or low volume.

Treatment against mosquitoes in green areas or on timberline:
1 1,5 lt of product per 100 lt of water.
Treatment at low volume (with suitable cold nebulizers):
Against flying insects: 50-75 ml of NUVACID® 50 per 300 m3
Against crawling insects: 75-100 ml of NUVACID® 50 per 300 m3

For treatment with thermalfoggers, mix with a suitable solvent (Phytorob, glycol, etc.).

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