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Model COMBI-D580 and D580GM - Combined Mowers



The COMBI-D580 and COMBI-D580GM combined mowers consist of three mowing elements with 5 discs, one frontal and two lateral, for front linkage to a tractor with front P.T.O. The strength of the combined mowers lies in the possibility of mowing over a width of up to 5.8 m, with a consequent high production rate. To increase the quality of the fodder, the COMBID580GM model is provided with rubber roller conditioner, which reduces drying and haymaking times. Combined disc mowers are ideal for hilly or undulating ground. This type of mowing bar with rounded flattened shape, in which the blades rotate close to the upper edge and contra-rotating blade, prevents accumulation of soil
between the hay mown, reducing impurities in the fodder. In addition it ensures uniform distribution of the load on the ground and optimal protection of the soil and turf.

The possibility of working large areas using combined mowers is the optimal pre-condition for efficiency and cost-effectiveness and for obtaining quality fodder, a basic requirement in livestock farming today. The BELLON range of combined mowers with disc or drum system, with
optional conditioner, aims to offer the best performance and dependability with all types of soil and crops. These productive innovative mowers do not require very powerful tractors; they can be connected to reversible tractors or tractors with front lift of any make and size, from an average power of 120 HP.

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