Model D-10T - 1-Row Potato Digger



The potato diggers are made to dig one row of potatoes or other root crop. The machines can be pulled on the centerline of the tractor or offset as when straddling two rows and digging one. The standard diggers return the produce onto the dug soil after shaking the bulk of the soil through the chain. The soil type and produce size dictate what pitch of chain is needed. The hydraulic drive allows better matching of chain speed with digging conditions.

  • 540 RPM - PTO Driven Self Contained Hydraulic Drive System
  • 25' Wide Hook Chain In Cleaning Bed
  • Tail Section Movable To Minimize Drop Height (D-10T Only)
  • Tail Section Can Be Raised To Deliver Produce Onto A Towed Trailer Or Mounted Bin With Some Soil Types, Eliminating Stooping To Pick Up The Crop (D-10T Only)
  • Adjustable Blade And Cleaning Bed Angle For Varying Conditions

  • Chain Pitch:  1' to 2'
  • Cleaning Bed Drive Speed
  • Offset Or Center Pull Hitch
  • Sweet Potato Coulter/Blade *
  • Sweet Potato Picking Table Extension *
  • Sacking Platform (Non-Standard Option)
  • Sample Accumulator (Non-Standard Option) **

*The Sweet Potato Option may require a heavier and more powerful tractor, depending on soil type and digging depth.

** When accumulating produce an additional cleaning operation will be required to remove rocks, clods, and vegetation.

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