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The planting machine is the out-come of long experience and advanced technology. The planting machine 'Duplex'comes with a horizontal rotating feeder with 24 bowls and an open base. This machine 'Duplex', 2 in 1, can work with one single operator for 2 rows, reducing the working cost and increasing the productivity. Also it is used for the for the transplanting of conical and piramidal balls with diameter till 3.5 cm. but we can also adjust an extra kit by request. Also the machine is suitable for coupled rows of tomato and all kinds of vegetables.

In the line 'Duplex' we can adjust the following:

  • couples of rows from 30-50 cm. through a handle.
  • the distance of interplants.
  • the deep of transplanting.
  • the distance between the couples of rows from 35 cm.


  • The distance from plant-to-plant can be adjusted for 9 cm. to 83 cm. (and in other sizes, by request)
  • The distance between the couples of plants is adjusted with the help of a lever & varies from 30-50 cm. (with Duplex) and form 40 cm. to 70 cm. (with Midi-Duplex).
  • The machine is available with hydraulic bar. For the 3 couples of rows is adjusted form 30 cm. to 50 cm. and from 150 cm. to 190 cm.
  • Production per hour: 6500-7000 plants every 2 lines.


  • kit extension bowl.
  • parallelogram.
  • fertilizer distributor.
  • tank 300 Lit
  • line-maker.

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