Conic System S.L.

- Model EMP-300 - Automatic Grafting Machine



The new grafting robot EMP-300 allows to graft vegetables with flexible tweezers that hold the graft. The mechanical and the adjustments are very simple, it’s designed to allow a comfortable and effective work. The cut unit can work changing the cut angle configuration between (20º-30º-40º). Whit simple adjustments the machine can graft diferent plants and balled sizes. This tweezers are made with a flexible material designed especially to ensure the fixation. There are diferent sizes and they incorporate a orifice that allows to address the graft.

  • The cut blades of the plant are very easy to replace, and the interchangeable haed cut allows diferents cut angles.
  • The tweezers for the graft are availabe in diferents diameters, and they are suplied in rolls. The machine feeds hisself cutting individually every tweezer at the graft moment.
  • An acurate desing with a simple mechanical allows to ensure the most accuracy and reability on each of the grafts.
  • The units cut incorporate a disinfection system either configurable.

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