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Molds are fungi which can grow on almost any animal feedstuff from corn to almond hulls, corn silage to alfalfa hay. Requiring  elevated  humidity  to  germinate, they can develop in a growing crop or during storage. Mycotoxins are highly toxic compounds naturally released in the presence of molds.  Amount and type of mycotoxin  varies  with  the  species  of mold, temperature, moisture etc.  Exam- ples of sources of mycotoxins are

  • Harvesting of corn silage under conditions of climatic stress, which can produce fusarium or aspergillus molds in the silage leading to mycotoxins
  • Poor fermentation in silage, in particular any aerobic spoilage, can lead to ‘hot spots’ and mold growth
  • Corn supplies (for example from the Midwest) harvested or stored under damp conditions can develop molds and mycotoxins. Under warm conditions Aflatoxins are typically produced. Under cool,damp conditions
  • DON, Zearalenone, T-2, Ochratoxin and Fumonisins are most common.
  • Mold in other commodities such as citrus,almond hulls, cotton seed, oilseeds, distillers grains and hay can all result in mycotoxin production

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