Model F 120 - Motor Harvesters Machine



The F 120 is a machine designed for the small farming industry, providing fast and affortless crop harvesting, thanks to its elevator arm, which enables the unloading of olives onto a special picker-sorter. The designed of the F 120 synthesizes the technology of our larger machine models, maintaining their sturdiness and reliability as a primary feture. Our patented tried and proven picker with oscillating arm system allows for the picking of olives even in terrain which in not perfectly level.

DIMENSIONS: 290 x 145 x 115 cm
MOTOR: 19 HP Diesel -bicylinder - electric starter
FEEDING: Hydrostatic - 2 lever driven reverse gears
STEERING: Rear rotating axis steering (ralla type)
UNLOADING HEIGHT: Front end with up-and-over basket H 160 cm - Dim. 65 x 70 x 125 cm
PERFORMANCE: 1200/1400 kg/h

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