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Italimpianti Orafi S.p.a.

Model FIM/RPG - Grain Production Systems



The plant is ideal for producing precious and non precious metal alloys and consists of :

  • Medium frequency converter
  • Melting furnace with hydraulic or mechanical tilting
  • Grain tank
  • Frame complete with service stairs and walkway
  • Tracks for the movement of the grain tank

Technical characteristics of the converter:

  • Cooling water inlet temperature : 25°÷35°C
  • Monitoring on the display of the various process parameters (frequency and absorbed power).
  • Computerised alarm diagnostics for 16 alarms which the worker must take note of for the system to work properly. By simply pressing a button, instructions and advice appear on the display.
  • Memorisation of the last 20 alarms which allows a rapid diagnosis of any eventual problems.
  • Closed ring power regulation which allows the system to absorb the set power regardless of the quantity and type of metal to melt.
  • The internal environment of the converter is conditioned by an air-water exchanger.

Technical characteristics of the furnace:
The furnace is made up of a strong iron frame with 12 mm thick stainless steel sides to reduce losses due to inductive phenomenae. The coil for induction heating is immersed in refractory cement. Both crucible and coil are held in a fibreglass and resin casing of adequate thickness.
The crucible tilting system is hydraulic, by means of two double-effect pistons with regulable speed.
The crucible spins around an imaginary axis passing through its edge.
The furnace is equipped with two propane gas burners to protect the metal from oxidation during melting and pouring operations. The furnace is also equipped with a timer which automatically stops both propane gas inflow and coil cooling pump after the generator has been stopped.

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