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Model FM2800 - Front Mount Mower


A radical new design from Maxam which addresses the main problems with front mount mowers; Front mount mowers are subject to extreme wear and tear and also much more prone to accident damage than normal rear mounted mowers. Mower manufacturers try to get around this by using a complex arrangement of linkages. Whilst these may work in some situations, the extra linkages just add to the things to wear out so front mowers tend to have relatively short working lives. Using a fixed linkage over the top of the mower and dragging it via short linkage arms is a common European solution, however they reach their limits quite quickly in the undulating NZ terrain.

The MAXAM Solution

The floating ‘A frame’ pushes a long skid (under the cutting drum) close to the ground.  The skid follows the ground contours naturally, without being limited by linkages. In an impact, the forces are directed straight into the A frame which is protected by a larger compression spring. A simple design that is exactly what is needed for long term durability!

Compact Row

Front mount mowers are typically disc mowers or four drum mowers. These mower have to try and create a row compact enough to go between the tractor wheels. In some cases this row needs to be narrow enough to be picked up by a pick up wagon or similar system trailed behind the tractor.

The specially designed twin cutting discs on the Maxam FM2800 leave the grass in tidy rows, ideal for cut and carry operations and will not be driven on by the tractor. This allows a clean pick up in all conditions.

The photo on the left shows an example of a paddock mown by the FM2800 and the neat rows left. The FM2800 will not block  and has an extremely smooth crop flow.

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