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Model g - Optimal Slurry/Liquid Treatment



(optimal slurry/liquid treatment) used in the barn and/or storage lagoon controls unpleasant odours, creates a homogenous, more hygienic slurry, addresses unwanted surface crust and sediment layers, reduces manure management operating costs and helps to maximize nutrient retention in the manure for re-application to soil and plants. Penergetic g also protects the environment by limiting the likelihood of volatilization of ammonia (to the atmosphere) and leaching of nutrients into the water supply.

Optimal Liquid Manure Treatment

  • Eliminates unpleasant ammonia and sulphur odours
  • Controls crust and/or sediment layer formation
  • Causes slurry to become homogenous
  • Addresses insects and manure-borne pathogens
  • Better for soil and crops while protecting groundwater

  •  Optimizes slurry and liquid manure
  • Stimulates the more complete breakdown of slurry by decomposition/rotting (aerobic process), instead of the more common and less desirable putrefaction & decay (anaerobic process)
  • Overcomes the emission of malodorous gases, including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia & (odourless) methane gas
  • Activates the conversion of ammonia to ammonium (a valuable plant nutrient) resulting in less loss of nitrogen through volatilization
  • Mitigates the formation of a floating crust and solidified sedimentation layers
  • Produces a homogeneous and free flowing slurry
  • Lessens or eliminates the need for agitation of stored slurry
  • Reduces causticity for better compatibility with plants and soil microbes
  • Permits requirements for synthetic fertilizer and farm chemicals to be reduced
  • Reduces the occurrence of harmful insects and insect larvae
  • Limits probability of pathogenic organisms in slurry
  • Stabilizes manure resulting in a reduced risk of nutrients leaching into water resources
  • Optimizes manuring effect which activates the soil and contributes to plant nourishment
  • Creates a valuable organic fertilizer that delivers more balanced nutrients to plants and soil
  • No chemical ingredients, no capital investment and energy consumption reduced
  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically balanced (OMRI listed) 

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