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Model G3 - Applicator Systems



G3 Applicator systems provide the highest seed dosage accuracy and coverage uniformity to provide the best crop protection in the field.

  • Patented type 4 applicator supplies high accuracy / high speed treating for highest value application.
  • Converts grain flow into a thin, uniform curtain, so all seeds are treated uniformly.
  • A calibrated nozzle sprays controlled droplet treatment onto the seed as it flows by in a thin curtain. This allows very high rate accuracy.
  • Treating speeds over 1500 bushels per hour (40 tonnes per hr.) allow just-in-time spring treating. No winter treating; no treated seed carryover.
  • G3's are available in various package systems to treat out of farm bins, trucks or in centralized treating systems.

  • Saddle Tank Package with 30 liter tank
  • Mix & Treat Package with 120 liter tank
  • Air Keg Upgrade Kit

  • The G3 takes a controlled flow of grain, and transforms it into an air suspended curtain of grain - 3 inches thick.
  • Treatment is then cross-applied to the grain curtain uniformly covering each kernel.
  • Seed can go to a transfer auger or bean ladder for secondary mixing.

  • High Treating Uniformity and Rate Accuracy per Seed.
    • Maximum treating benefit is achieved. You get all the benefit you paid for.
    • No 5X rates that can damage seed or untreated seed that reduces crop performance.
  • Highest Benefit Treating at Affordable System Cost.
    • Apply exactly what is needed, not a rough guess.
    • Systems come precalibrated for Canadian and U.S. treating products.
    • Quickly pays for itself with excellent distribution accuracy, accurate chemical rate, and higher crop benefit.
  • High Speed Treating for 'Just-In-Time' Application.
    • Up to 1,500 bu. / hour, (3600 bu./ hr with parallel units).
  • Pre-calibrated Rate Tables included for Cereal, Pulse, Soybean, Rice and Cotton Treating.
    • Charts include fungicides, insecticides, inoculants and growth enhancers.
  • No Operator Exposure to Chemical.
    • Our sealed treatment delivery system eliminates operator chemical contact or wind blown exposure
    • Treatment is either in the container, or on the seed.
  • Total Automatic Cleanout
    • Prevents seed admixes, or getting treated into untreated seed.
    • Cleanups or variety changes are rapid and easy
  • Dual Feed Capable
    • The same G3 applicator can apply multiple treatments simply by switching inputs with a dual feed kit.
  • Optional Configurations
    • Galvanized or 304 S.S. contruction.
    • New! G3DS Double-Shoot™ configurations can apply single or multiple treatments without tank mixing.
    • New! G3 Parallel Applicator Systems can deliver up to 3600 bu./ hr on pulses, or 4500 bu./ hr. on cereals.
    • G3P applicators: standard G3's with M1 secondary tube mixers latch mounted on their discharge for pulse treatment secondary mixing.

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