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Model GG-004 Series - Solar Powered Moisture Based/Timer Auto Irrigation System


Advanced Moisture-Controlled Solar-Powered auto irrigation systems GG-004 can control up to 4 valves.When at moisture based mode, the moisture sensor periodically collect moisture samples from the field to the controller. The controller will do analysis and decide to open/close the valve if need.When first zone is been irrigated, the controller will record irrigation length, then repeat to other 3 zones. Optimize irrigation, reduce initial setup cost. It is an stand alone controller with green solar power, will reduce cost and protect environment. This low carbon and sustainable system is very good for area which has no enough water pressure, or for uniform gardengolf courseresidence community. Please click here to download how to install GG-004C.This timer system is solar-powered to control 4 valves. The build in rain sensor will stop irrigation at raining days. Low carbon  design,good for garden without lots water pressure, or with multiple plants. Or big golf field.


  1. This system is a 4 zones timer control up to 4 valves.
  2. Controller, up to 4 latching/DC magnetic valves and rain sensor, all are powered by the solar. low carbon footprint, green automatic irrigation design.
  3. One built in rain sensor. After setup rain control moisture level, then there is no irrigation if the wet level is over this threshold. Which will stop irrigation in the rain.
  4. Can simultaneously control 4 wired valves, each valve can be from 1 to 3 inches.
  5. Can set up 3 irrigation events for each day, different schedules for each day of the week.
  6. Can program to choose to power 12VDC valves, or magnetic latching valves, 1” to 3”. Controller will supply solar power to all 4 valves.
  7. Can wire connect one wired 12V DC relay(With existing power line)  to control one water pump.
  8. Rolling data on the display shows all valve open/close status.
  9. Simple and easy to set up.
  10. Solid metal security box, lots room for wiring, good appearance and rugged..
  11. Can manual open/close the valves. There are lock//unlock key for each zone on the panel for user’s convenience.

Standard package

  • lPainted zinc plated iron box (Painted stainless steel box)
  • lSolar-panel
  • lRain sensor
  • lOne plastic 1'magnetic valve
  • lManual and warranty
  • lInstallation and Operation DVD

Feature under “Moisture control” mode:

  • According to soisample collected by the built in moisture sensor and the dry/wet controlevels setup by user, to controopen/close of
  • the #1 valve, then using the same duration, irrigate the other 3 zones.
  • Can apply to any soitype, accurately to keep the soimoisture in the setup range, provides low cost, precise auto irrigation.。
  • User can learn, setup and adjust moisture dry/wet controlevels according to locacondition.
  • With build in clock, user can setup periods to forbid irrigation.
  • LCD wilin sequence show: Current operating mode and system time, 4 valve's status, system operating status and current moisture %.
  • Manuaoperation for convenience.
  • Can setup maximum irrigation length.

Feature under “Timer control” mode:

  • Can set up different timer schedules for different valves.
  • Can setup three times irrigation schedules for each valve.
  • Using the moisture sensor as rain sensor. User can set up maximum wet controlevel, so when it is reached by rain, irrigation wilend.
  • LCD wilin sequence show: Current mode and system time, 4 valves irrigation status, moisture levecollected by the rain sensor.

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