Gierkink Machine Techniek (GMT)

Model GMT050 - Felling Head



The felling head GMT050FH is special designed for cutting full trees on plantations. The saw casing is mounted on the grapple arm what gives the saw an ideal position for felling trees. The last piece what will be cut is the felling direction of the tree, so you have a perfect control on the tree. Also the saw bar will last long because the saw tip will not be stressed. Because there is no sub frame where the saw casing is mounted on, the grapple is still ideal to use as a normal grapple to handle trees.

  • Weight 380 kg/840 lbs
  • Max. diameter saw cut 50 cm/20 '
  • Max. load 2500 kg/5500 lbs

This is why I choose GMT

  • Only original grapple function needed
  • No use of additional hydraulic hoses and/or electrical steering
  • Multifunctional use of your machine thanks to the Quick Coupler


  • Grapple open capacity 1220 mm
  • Weight 385 kg
  • Max. load 1500 kg/3300 lbs  


  • Recommended pump capacity 60/100 ltr
  • Operating pressure 180/250 bar


  • Length saw bar 640 mm
  • Chain type 2 mm 404” 74 links
  • Maximum diameter saw cut 500 mm
  • Volume oil reservoir 2 ltr
  • Saw motor 10 cc

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