Model GR-70 - Subsoiler



The plow with working width 4.3 m is designed for basic soil cultivation and cracking the lower soil structure. A rear packer tube roller is available as an option to compact and level the soil after the passage of the subsoiler.  It is aggregated with the tractors of minimal capacity of 183 kWt/250 hp.

Basic advantages:

  • design and arrangement of legs provide thorough cultivation without carrying subsoil to the soil surface
  • the V-shaped frame and the back hinge of the subsoiler lift higher the frame, that minimizes  blockage in the conditions of a considerable amount of crop residues
  • it is equipped by the overload protection system– a double leaf spring with the maximum protection from damage at blow, a shear bolt
  • each leg is equipped by the wing shares to loose the soil - support wheels enable to adjust precisely the cultivating depth

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