Goldswallow Ozone Sterilizer

Model GS-202D - Fruit-vegetable Ozone Sterilizer

Fruit-vegetable Ozone Sterilizer (Model: GS-202D) Input voltage:ac220V±10%/50Hz Power:15W Ozone:100, 300mg/h Max Working time:30 minutes Size:270*193*80MM Net weight:1.5kg Efficient Area: 25 squameters This equipment can be used in family, kindergarten, hospital, hairdressing salon, office, hotel, restaurant, shower ground, dining hall and laundry shop. Function: (1) It's used for washing hand to kill virus, bacteria and reduce decease (2) It can eliminate the harmful substance such as remained pesticide on rice (3) Degrade the remained Agrochemical on vegetable (4) To soak all kinds of animal meat can reduce hormone and the growth hormone. (5) To clean dishware with the ozone water can kill virus, bacteria, prevent decease (the killing effect is far better than high temperature virus killing) (6) To use it for cleaning and brushing teeth, removing the bad smell of mouth, and assist to cure pharyngitis, Stomatitis, Gingivitis, pe

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