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Model HD41 - Small Coffee Roaster Gas Burner



Saving 10% ~ 20% Energy. ≥95% High heat convert rate. Environmental friendly,  CO≤80ppm; NOx≤10ppm; CHx≤50ppm . Start work in 8 seconds. Lifespan 3~6 years. Flamess & Smokeless. Automatic safety protect system. 1 year warranty.

  • Shell:gray cast iron
  • Upper cover:stamped  stainless iron
  • Burning net:Fe-Cr-Al material
  • Nozzle:brass
  • Core components:cordierite honeycomb burner plates with rare-earth catalyst-coated

  • Energy saving: conversion rate:≥90%
  • Environmental protection: CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm
  • Whole combustion: 95% of energy released in the form of infrared ray;heating the objects directly
  • Long life:≥11000hr
  • Easily installed
  • Flameless & smokeless

Catalytic Infrared Gas bunrer is widely used for Industrial Heating & drying :

  1. food bakery oven, pizza oven, biscuit drying processed such as cookies, egg rolls, snow rice cakes, shredded squid, fish sauce, ham etc;
  2. green tea fixing processing
  3. fruit, grain, vegetable crops dehydration and drying
  4. fiber drying

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