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Model HXF 2802 - Hedge and Fence Cutter



Mini loader, front loader, telescopic loader, backhoe loader - most loaders are particularly suitable for having quadsaws or cutterbars fitted. The only requirement is a separate oil outlet that delivers the required amount of oil that varies between 20 and 50 I / min depending on the type of attachment tool. GreenTec offers a complete line of Danish-made quality machines for this purpose. Hedge and fence cutting tasks are easily performed with a perfect result. The work can in principle be carried out year round, thereby optimizing the use of the loader.

GreenTec HXF 2802 is the middle model in the HXF series, for front loader mount mainly, but can also be mounted on bigger mini-loaders or the like. The quadsaw LRS 1601 and HL cutterbars are both attachments tools that will fit perfectly to the HXF. GreenTec HXF 2802 is installed in minutes in the loading gear bracket. The arm has a hydraulic break-back with auto reset, which also acts as a cushion to the quadsaw. The amount of oil required for quadsaw LRS 1601 is 40 I / min and for the cutterbar HL 30 I / min. Hydraulic connections needed is one double acting valve and a free return. When installing the hydraulic cutting angle is another double acting valve required Alternatively, an electric coltrol valve can be purchased.

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