Model ID 90 - Air Injector Nozzles for Space Crops



Align the spray jets of ID, IDK, AD nozzles to agree with the orientation of the air from the blower. Adjust the nozzles to a sprayplane offset of 7° – 10°. Use a 10-mm fork wrench (ID) respectively 8 mm (IDK, AD) to make the adjustments.

For optimal mounting and seating of nozzles use:

  • with cup-strainer, gasket 3.0 mm (order no.
  • without cup-strainer, gasket 5.0 mm (order no. 095.015.6C.07.10)

  • Air-aspirating flat spray nozzle
  • Nozzle sizes 01 through 06
  • Flow rates
  • Pressure range 3.0 to 20.0 bar
  • Heavy-duty, chemical-resistant ceramic
  • One-piece nozzle with easily removable solid-ceramic injector
  • Large, non-clogging cross sections of flow
  • Compact design with minimal impact surfaces
  • Fits all bayonet cap systems with 10 mm AF or threaded caps
  • Safe & sure, adaptorless mounting, easy alignment
  • Droplet spectrum: very coarse to coarse
  • Optimal spray pressure: 8.0 to 15.0 bar
  • JKI-approved (former BBA) (3.0 to 20.0 bar)
  • Included in the Lists of »Drift-and-loss reducing techniques«JKI(former BBA),ÖAIP,SPFandStaatscourant

Range of application

  • Application of plant protectants to space crops (vines, orchards) and special cultures
  • Works with and without air assistance (from airblast sprayer)
  • Use in recycling and tunnel sprayers

Main benefits of ID 90 in airblast sprayers

  • Extremely low drift potential
  • Environmentally benign application of plant protectants
  • Same biological efficiency as with fine-droplet spraying
  • Much-improved crop/canopy penetration
  • Superior active-ingredient coverage
  • Uniform deposition structure
  • Optimal airflow application via flat jet
  • No »wet fan«
  • No visible spray mist
  • ISO colour-coded for simple replacement of ID, IDK, AD and TR nozzles

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