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Grain separator ISM-30 (impeller separating machine capacity 30 ton/hour) is designed using with grain cleaning unit, ZAV, or any other similar grain cleaning complex and the elevator. It can also be integrated into an automated line for grain cleaning. ISM-30 is good for calibration and cleaning on seed farms the seed and commercial grain: grain, cereal-legume, legumes, vegetables, melons, fodder, as well as all kinds of granular mixtures. This is a high-performance machine. It always calibrates grain with high precision, dividing it into 7 fractions. Its specification is preparation training of high-quality seed. Its weight is 470 kg.


  • Pre-cleaning mode
  • Primary cleaning mode
  • Calibration mode
  • Mixed mode (calibration together with cleaning)


The use of impeller as a power unit for the first time allowed minimizing the power loss of the airflow created by the blade wheel: the machine has no ducts and there is no need to spend a large part of electric motor power to overcome ducts’ resistance.

Constructive solution, the arrangement of air intake at the top part, excludes minor impurities entering into the air intake of the unit.

The use of the blade wheel of correct aerodynamic shape, manufactured especially for ISM machines by manufacturer of aviation equipment, made possible to reduce significantly the power consumption of the electric motor, stabilize the airflow and eliminate vibration.

The design of the machine has no turbulence screen and thus there is no need for its periodic cleaning, which allows operating the machine without processing pauses.

The use of the frequency converter allows adjusting the speed of the impeller to make soft start of the motor and run it in reverse mode for self-cleaning, to be connected to 380V.

  • Primary grain cleaning capacity:  30 ton/hour
  • Seed calibration capacity: up to 15 ton/hour
  • Electricity consumption: 0.4-4.4 kW/hour, 380V, 50 Hz
  • Length: 2300 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Height: 2400 mm
  • Weight:  470 kg

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