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Model KBS M1 - Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon



Kurtbomsan Mechanical Bird Scarer is powered by readily available, economical propane gas. It produces an average amount of 120 decibel blast without giving any harm to the nature and all living creatures, and protects large agricultural areas / farmlands against undesirable birds and wild animals.

Areas of Usage:

  • Sunflower and corn fields against birds
  • Orchards and vegetable gardens against birds, warthogs and wildlife.
  • Poultry farms, fish farms and other breeding farms against birds and other wild animals.
  • Feed plants and granaries against birds.
  • Bee hives against endamaging bears.
  • Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) programmes

KURTBOMSAN Bird Scare Propane Cannons Assembly and Operating Instructions.
In the product case: 1 piece of Kurtbomsan Bird Scare Cannon Body, 1 piece Front Barrel (No:30), 1 piece of Interval Regulator Valve (No:39) (for smaller gas cylinders),  the User’s manual.

  • Connect the Front barrel with the Cannon body firmly using 10-11 spanner, do not remove Space Coupling Tin Plate (No:29)
  • Attach the valve of interval regulator (No:39) to the gas cylinder.
  • Turn the power switch to ‘’ON’’ position in front of the control panel of the device.
  • Open the valve of the gas cylinder.
  • Turn the valve of  the interval regulator (No.39) to 1,5 position. You will see the bellows blow and hear a “tick” sound. Afterwards, the bellows which has enough pressure inside will make a blast (detonation). The sound pressure of the first two blasts may be lower than desired, but the device will work properly thereafter. If the interval regulator is entirely open in the first operation of the device, it may not make a blast.
  • You can change the interval of the blasts by turning the valve of the interval regulator to 0 position or to 3 position smoothly.
  • If you turn the valve of the interval regulator to 0 position, the intervals of the blasts become longer.  If you turn the valve of the interval regulator to 3 position, the intervals become shorter and faster.
  • Operate the device between two minutes-blast intervals to 20 minutes-blast intervals, not longer or shorter timing adviced.
  • Oil the machine weekly.
  • Close the valve of the gas cylinder to create secure settings when the device is not on.
  • Demand and supply suitable regulator from our firm if larger gas cylinder is connected. (extra charge
  • When you first operate the device, or before the next start up, if on/off position is switched on, check out the silicon rubber hose (shown in Image 3) is squeezed. This may cause gas flow restrictions. If the silicon rubber hose is squeezed, use fingers and thumb to solve the gas flow restrictions.
  • The first time you operate the device,  the gas pressure for the blast may be lower than desired, or a blast may not occur. Wait for the next trigger is pulled when the interval regulator in (2) position.

Numbers (from 0 to 2) written on the cap of the interval regulator valve are for the timing of the blast interval. Numbers written on the cap shouldnot be understood as the number of the blast each minute. The most frequent blast occurs when the valve of the interval regulator is in (3) position. (one blast in each 1-2 minutes.) Turn handle of the interval regulator smoothly to (0) position (counter-clockwise) for longer intervals. (Intervals become longer when gradually turned to (0) position to 20 minutes. With regard to the usage area, set the timing of the each blast and the device will protect your area till the gas cylinder finishes.

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