Model LLS-101 - Laser Land Leveling System



A common problem in agriculture is uneven land that prevents an even water and fertilizer coverage, which results in uneven crop stands,  uneven maturing crops and increased weeds. As a consequence, farmers report reduced crop yield and grain quality. The solution to prevent such undesired outcomes is easy: effective land levelling. Effective land leveling will optimize water-use efficiency, improve crop establishment and reduce irrigation time and effort required to manage crop. The result is a 25% better crop growth!

  • Easy to operate
  • Display available for friendly user interface
  • Different colored LEDs for bucket´s position indication
  • Robust connectors to ensure smooth operations

With our easy to use laser guidance control system LLS you get the right solution to get a smooth soil surface  and a uniform distribution of water and soil moisture. It has a unique feature which enables the operator to change the laser reference and operate the complete transmitter from the control box itself. This remote connection has a working range of 250 meter.  The system layout is simple and is designed specifically for single channel laser receiver with ON/OFF Output capable of driving just one hydraulic cylinder..

  • Easy to use
  • Resettable timer which allows to measure leveling time
  • RF remote control unit lets you operate the transmitter while driving the tractor
  • Usable for zero slope, single slope and Dual slope
  • Rugged mounting solution via ram mount
  • Water proof technology

  • Over 800 leveling systems currently working in India
  • LLS was successfully tested by NRFMTTI for Govt. Subsidy
  • Better crop growth (up to 25%)
  • Save working time and man power
  • Prevents land of being barren
  • Minimum use of seeds, fertilizers
  • More control over weed

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