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Model LPP - Trailed Sprayers



Sprayers are for spraying chemicals and liquid mineral fertilizers on plants, crop in fields. Laumetris Ltd. produces suspended and trailed sprayers of 12 - 36 m. working width with capacity of 800; 2000; 3000; 4200; 6000 liters plastic tanks and have valid EU directive documents.

Every corner of plastic tank is round – easier to clean the tank. Further, every sprayer has additional tank for clean water and chemicals mixing. Sprayer booms are controlled hydraulically and have balance, collating system. Last sections of booms have a possibility to unbend and to bend back when a barrier is met. Sprayer wheels follows tractor tracks and do not damage crop when turns are made. Spraying of chemicals or liquid mineral fertilizers can be managed either manually, electrically or with computer system. Computer system makes spraying process more efficient and accurate, in Laumetris Ltd. produced sprayers “MULLER” managing system can be installed. Pumps can chosen from 160 – 250 l/min productivity with pressure of 18 BAR, working pressure 1,5 – 8 BAR. Working speed – 16 km/h.

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