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- Model LSE-10WB - Ejector Scrapers



LASER finishing and earthmoving combined in one SCRAPER model. The 'SDS' Synchronized Ejector System ensures precision material control. Walking Beam Wheel Carriage with cross level blade adjustment for smooth high speed surface finishing with 120-160 HP Agricultural Tractors. BOTTOM pan carries up to 8 yd3 (6,1 m3) of material. Ideal Scraper for Cut and Fill operations in harder soils that require a cutting blade, rather than a bottomless drag box model. Scraper components disassemble to reduce the Shipping width to under 10 feet (3,00 m) for contractors moving to new jobs.

  • capacities Volume Capacity 8 yd3 (6,10 m3)
  • dimension s Cutting width 120' (3,05 m) Transport width 136' (3,45 m) Length 190' (4,82 m) Height 72' (1,83 m)
  • weight Shipping 6,300 lb (2.870 kg)

Single, reversible Tungsten Alloy blade. Replaceable side cutting router bits. Heavy adjustable tongue YOKE hitch. LASER mast mounting bracket.

Heavy Duty Drawbar for the tractor. Hydraulic Hose kit for tractor connection. Disassembled for open Container shipment. Recommended export parts package.

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