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- Model ZSO - Grain Separator



Grain separator 'LUCH' - ZSO is designed for cleaning grain crops from large, small and light impurities on the mechanized currents, elevators and other grain processing facilities. Grain separator 'LUCH' - ZSO consists of air and sieve separators. Parent grain entering the machine through the suction inlet, is blown by the contrary flow of air, during that a separation from light impurities is made. Then the grain gets to the sieve drum, where it is cleaned from impurities, which differ in size. The obtained fractions of refined grain and impurities are removed separately from the machine through the outlet pipes. Sieves' cleaning is made with the help of brushes and rollers. Air separator (aspirator) is available in two versions: with open loops of air and closed loops of air Fig.1. Sieve separator (sieve drum) Fig. 2 allows the following operations: Preliminary cleaning, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning (sorting, calibration).

  1. No vibration and dynamic loads on structures;
  2. Simple and metal-intensive construction ensures reliability;
  3. Components from the leading European manufacturers;
  4. Air separator with a closed air cycle does not require additional installation of the fan, cyclone and air purification technology;
  5. No damaged grain that makes efficient use of the separator for seed cleaning;
  6. Conventional stamped blades used as sieves, which are set on and fixed to the drum without any preparation;
  7. Efficient cleaning of wet grain and grain contaminated with weed seeds;
  8. Change of the drum angle from 1о to 5о;
  9. The use of simple, reliable and very effective means for cleaning sieves;
  10. 10. A wide range of separators for required productivity enables to choose the best option for grain cleaning complex.

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