Model LXR Gold - Potassium Supplement



LXR Gold is a potassium supplement for quick results when your plants show a deficiency in potassium (brown scorching and curling of leaf tips, reduced plant growth, root development, and seed/fruit development). Use as part of a regular fertilizer program. Ideal for greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

Directions for use

  • SHAKE WELL before using.
  • Soil/Soilless/Water Culture : Mix 1−2 ml per 1 L of nutrient solution (¼−½ tsp / 1.25 qt). Use with every nutrient feeding.
  • Foliar spray : Use 2−4 ml of LXR GoldTM per 1 L of nutrient solution (½−1 tsp / 1.25 qt) and spray mist lightly. Use as required.

LXR BlackTM Feed Chart

  • Soil / Soilless : 5 ml / L (1 tsp / qt)
  • Hydroponics / Water Culture: 4 ml / L (¾ tsp / qt)
  • Foliar:    –

Available sizes

  • 500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 23L

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