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Model Manure Pro - Composter (Aerobic Manure Processor)


Manure Pro is an in-vessel pasteurization of dry manure solids (DMS) for the elimination and reduction of unwanted pathogens, weed seeds, and odors. Pasteurization takes place through the self generating heat within the vessel when the correct ratios of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and moisture are introduced.

Principles of Operation Within the Manure Pro unit oxygen driven microbes develop high temperatures. (135 – 170 degrees F) Dry manure solids and the correct moisture, oxygen, carbon-nitrogen ratio equals self generating heat. High temperatures kill unwanted bacteria, odors and weed seeds.

Benefits Pathogen Elimination and/Or Reduction (Solids Free of E-Coli and Salmonella);

  • Odor reduction
  • Kills weed seeds
  • Reusable dry stable solids

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