Model MC10X - Single Row Maize Chopper



The MC10X Maize Chopper is a result of many years of experience in the harvesting of silage maize. It is known for its high quality and convenient price. To get the best result from silage the maize harvester has to chop stems and cobs perfectly. Maize harvester's feeding system is designed to feed the flywheel at right angles for the best quality silage. The flywheel is equipped with 10 specially hardened knives revolving at nearly 1600 rpm. There are two feeder drums and two pressure rollers that control the feeding of the maize to the flywheel. One of the pressure rollers is spring loaded and toothed; the other one is not. The pressure rollers are vertically mounted right behind the feeder drums so that stems and cobs are always chopped at right angles. This is the secret of the machine's low power requirement and short length of chop.

For the protection of the feeding system an easily accessible shear bolt is mounted on the machine. It protects the feeding system against the intake of earth and stones in bad conditions.

While in operation, height adjustable wheel maintain an even working height thus preventing the intake of earth and stones in bad conditions.

The MC10X is driven by a pto shaft with an overrun clutch and through maintenance free V-belts. A manual V-belt tightener is mounted on the machine. The feed unit is powered by a transmission running in an enclosed grease bath; totally maintenance free.

Knife grinding is easily carried out with the built-in sharpening device.

The chute is rotated by a hydraulic cylinder. A manual remote control adjusts the deflector. Both controls can be adjusted from the driver's seat.

The height of the machine can be reduced by folding down the upper part of the chute.

  • Number of Rows 1
  • Length (m) 2,10
  • Height (m) 3,25
  • Width (m) 2,30
  • Height Chute Folded Down (m) 2,20
  • Weight (kg) 575
  • Number of Knives 10
  • Number of Blowers 5
  • Tyre 16,5 X 6,5-8 6PR
  • 3pt. Hitch Cat. II
  • PTO (rpm) 540
  • Minimum Power Requirement (kW/hp) 32 / 45
  • Maximum Permissible Power (kW/hp) 88 / 120
  • Chopping Length 4,5 - 6 - 10 - 15 mm.
  • Capacity 49 tons/hour

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