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Model MgCl2 - Magnesium Chloride



Molecular Weight - 203.3. Bulk Density - 12lb/ft3. Appearance - A colorless deliquescent, odorless material crystal or flakes. Main Uses - Numerous uses in many different industries. Assay - 99.0 - 107.0%. Alkalinity - (as Ca(OH)2): % ≤ 0.25. Solubility - water 54.2 g/100 cm3 (20ºC). Heavy Metals - 10ppm

WhiteCap™ Poultry probiotic is a proven complete and all-natural digestive enzyme and bacterial flora inoculate/replacement program that is specifically formulated for all poultry and other large bird applications. In nature, beneficial intestinal bacterial (flora) are responsible for many aspects of a birds health including the production of enzymes that break-down proteins, cellulous and fats for further animal digestion, synthesized vitamin production and other necessary metabolic activity. Young birds generally do not posses the necessary beneficial digestive bacteria needed to maximize digestion and subsequently lack in feed conversion. Also, since prophylactic and random antibiotic treatments, in an attempt to eradicate pathogenic “unfriendly” bacteria, are generally not “bad” bacteria specific, birds treated with antibiotics often suffer from the reduction or elimination of “friendly” digestive bacteria and enzymes. The result is a weakened bird that does not maximize feed and water usage and lacks feed to body mass growth.

WhiteCap™ Poultry probiotic is the all-natural user friendly answer for maximizing the health, digestion and feed conversion of birds. Once easily applied into water systems via a medicator, WhiteCap™ Poultry probiotic releases billions of friendly bacteria that quickly inoculate the gut of birds. Benefits often noted with birds treated with WhiteCap™ Poultry probiotic include

  • Superior Digestion = Superior Feed Conversion Resulting in Less Stress and Bird Loss
  • Increased Stamina and Stronger Leg Tendons
  • Increased Girth and Enhanced Immune System

Based on a 41 day grow-out of 20,000 placements, you will need 15lbs. of WhiteCap™. 1 cup of WhiteCap™ is equal to 1/4 pound.
For best results, dispense as follows:

WhiteCap™ in feed for first 24 hours (1lb. of WhiteCap™)

It is most important to get the birds off to a great start. So mixing WhiteCap™ in the feed assures birds are getting a good supply of WhiteCap™ during first 24 hours. Mix by hand 4 cups of WhiteCap™ in feed and hand feed birds.

Continue with WhiteCap™ in feed for next 4 days (10lbs. of WhiteCap™) Add liberally in feed hoppers as you are filling feed lines. Whitecap™ mixes well with chicken feed. You should apply a total of 10 cups per house per day spread over the course of the day and divided evenly between house hoppers. Ten cups of WhiteCap™ treats approximately 20,000 placements per day.

For remaining 36 days of growout, mix WhiteCap™ in water lines (4lbs. of WhiteCap™)
Mix 1/2 cup per 30 gallons of water for a stock solution, dispense through the house medicator. Every 3 to 5 days flush water lines with fresh water and run a line cleaner such as PWT or similar product. Keep a close watch on WATER LINES. If solution is too thick cut with more water and dispense until Whitecap™ is exhausted.

How to order WhiteCap™
WhiteCap™ Probiotic is produced and shipped via UPS from our research and development facilities in Dallas, Texas. Orders can be placed by phone, fax, or email from the below contact information. If you just recently heard about benefits of WhiteCap™ and are interested in seeing the difference that a healthy intestinal track can make on your birds, simply contact us and let us know a few details about your operation. If you are purchasing 3 or more boxes of WhiteCap™ you will receive free shipping on your order

Because conditions in individual houses vary greatly, Fritz Industries, Inc is not responsible for loss or injury to animate material. For best results, store WhiteCap™ Poultry probiotic in cool dry conditions and use within 6-months of purchase.

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