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Model MR - Streambars



Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of applying liquid fertiliser to a growing crop. The new Chafer Streambar MR has been designed to overcome some of the inherent problems with original Streambar design. The new system speeds up changes in application rate, simplifies installation onto all types of sprayer and minimises the risk of damage or twisting while spraying.

Quick and simple application rate changes

While the original Streambar design required the use of several colour coded restrictors to change application rates the Streambar MR features an integrated Multi Rate metering system to alter application rate. Instead of removing the bar and changing a colour coded restrictor, rates are changed by adjusting the sliding metering mechanism. Six different restrictor options offer a wide range of application rates extending the previous range by two restrictor sizes.

Not only does the Multi Rate system save the expense of purchasing different restrictors but it also offers large practical benefits. The operator is not exposed to fertiliser when changing restrictors as the metering unit is completely sealed. Rate change can be achieved quickly as the Streambars can be left on the boom and no spare restrictors need to be carried with the sprayer.

Even Application

Uniform flow across the Streambar MR is crucial to ensure even application especially on sloping ground. Once liquid has passed through the Multi Rate metering system each of the four ports are fed independently to ensure even application.

Unaffected by boom height

Unlike fertilizer caps Streambar MR creates vertical streams of liquid fertiliser. This means that the application pattern is consistent regardless of boom height. On breezy days when a normal fertiliser cap could not be used a Streambar MR can extend the sprayers working window. The boom can be dropped to just above the crop minimising spray disruption but without compromising spray pattern.

Reduced crop scorch

Application accuracy across the boom width is guaranteed. Because the pressure at each outlet is low the stream of liquid that is produced contains only large heavy fertilizer droplets. This means that fertilizer droplets created by the Streambar MR ensure that fertilizer rolls off the crop onto the ground minimising the risk of crop scorch.

Compact and easy to fit

Unlike the original design, Streambar MR is available with a variety of nozzle caps and can be fitted directly to a wide range of sprayers. No adaptors are required. The compact design reduces the chance of breakage or twisting if the boom comes in contact with the crop or ground.


The Streambar MR metering system is protected by a durable environmental seal and unlike many other types of dribble bar the metering system itself is fully serviceable. With only one moving part and 3 o-rings seals the unit can easily be refurbished.

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