Model MYKS2 - Micro Substrate



MicroSubstrate MYKS2 is a peat based substrate with Mycorrhiza, that colonizes plant roots and extends far into the soil. Mycelium of Mycorrhiza increases the root area up to 100-1000 times. Plant resistance against stress factors like: drought, pathogens, low nutrient content is increased. Plant growth is faster, yield is better. Improves nutrients intake, notably Phosphorus.

Efficiency of Mycorrhiza occurs at a later stage of plant growth, while the colonization on plant roots should take place together with the root development at the early growth stage.

MicroSubstrate MYKS2 is a ready to use medium structure growing mix. For additional fertilization low phosphorus fertilizer is necessary to use.

Growing mixes containing both Trichoderma and  Mycorrhiza are also available, these bio-agents create a living ecosystem where plants and micro-organisms enjoy a symbiotic beneficial relationship.

Suggestions for use
For bedding plants; hanging baskets

Chemical characteristics
Trace elements included
Structure 6-20 mm
Density 160-180 kg/m3
Absorption 5-7 times its own weight of dry matter
Dry substance 80 g/l
Moisture 40-60%

Species Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content Min 85%
Ash content Max 15%

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