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Model PC-DRIP ATP - Drip Irrigation System



The 'PC-DRIP ATP' is a drip irrigation system which consists of a cylindric pipe, in polyethylene of very good quality, with fast water jets self-compensating dripping devices put in the pipe at prearranged distances.The'PC-DRIP ATP dripping device'is selfcompensating and reliable thanks to its sturdiness. The pressure of water jets is regular thanks to the dynamic change of the labyrinth put inside the pipe. The innovative dripping device by regulating the water jets, allows the restriction of the flow. Its specific structure reduces the risk of obstruction, due to deposit, which might block water flow: indeed, the compensating system always keeps the labyrinth's crosssections at 1,0 mm 2 (about 50 times more than other dripping devices on the market).

A further advantage of the'PC-DRIP ATP'is given by the fact that the first part of the labyrinth is very short and does not require high starting pressure to operate: this reduces operating costs, without requiring high pressure/volume pumping structures.

Available  Versions
The 'PC-DRIP ATP dripping pipe' is available of mm 16 diameter, with spacing between holes from cm 20 up to cm 150 and with 2 l/h and 4 l/h nominal capacity dripping devices.
For each spacing the models available are:PC-DRIP NORMAL with 3 holes for water jets.


  • Water flow is uniform also on slant fields.
  • Rise in quantity and quality of production because water supply is calculated according to plants' needs.
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers whose percentage can be calculated according to the capacity of the dripping device and to the length of the dripping pipe.
  • Maximum dependability of sub-irrigation and on field irrigation systems.
  • Highly safe from obstructions and blockage, thanks to the innovative dripping device.


  • Long-term irrigation systems.
  • Irrigation systems for open fields and greenhouses.
  • Vegetables and fruit growing.
  • Flower growing and gardening.
  • Irrigation of slant fields.
  • Fertirrigation.
  • Sub-irrigation systems

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