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Model PM-11 - Phytomonitor



The PM-11 Phytomonitor is a portable weatherproof data logger having a variety of optional sensors for plant and environment. Has accessories for easy and quick installation in laboratory, greenhouse or in the open.

Communication options
  • A short RS232 cable (in delivery set).
  • A long (up to 1.2 km) RS485 cable. The optional RS232/485 converter is supplied for a computer.
  • Wireless: a 50 mW, 2.4 GHz RF modem. Indoor/urban range: 180 m; Outdoor/line-of-sight range: 16 km. The modem is certified for use in US, Canada, and Europe.
Mounting options
  • A stainless steel tripod.
  • Accessories for wall mounting or mounting on a pole in greenhouses.
  • heavy-duty cabinet for outdoor use. The Phytomonitor, a battery, a charger, and a radio modem are mounted inside the cabinet.

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