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Model Q Series - V-Fan



After many years of excellent performance in the field, the V-Fan series has proven to be among the best flush mount direct drive exhaust fans in the livestock industry. Built to last, the V-Fan Q series fans are equipped with high quality variable speed Multifan Q motors, well known for their reliability, energy efficiency and wash down design.  The V-Fan Q series perfectly matches each fan size and impeller model to a specific Multifan motor in order to achieve optimum airflow performance and power efficiency. Completed by an inside suction type PVC shutter, the housing of the V-Fan Q series fans is rotomolded from polyethylene into an aerodynamic design that allows excellent airflow performance and reduces splash back during cleaning.

  • 230 volt direct drive motors that operate at single or variable speeds.
  • Totally enclosed die cast aluminum housing.
  • Automatic thermal protection and heat resistance up to 150°F.
  • Special sealed bearings with high performance lubricants.
  • Motor cap made of noncombustible man-made material.
  • Labyrinth seal — Unique locking design between motor housing and impeller guards against moisture entry.
  • Lightweight plastic impeller — Eliminates the need for precise balancing, reduces power cost and extends bearing life.
  • 8 year prorated warranty on motors.

When it comes to ventilation, Varifan is your solution!

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