Stoess Manufacturing, Inc.

Stoess Manufacturing, Inc.

- Model R&R - Subsoiler


The R&R Subsoiler has been shipped around the world  and used in a variety of applications. The Original Stoneville Parabolic Shank has established the reputation for being the easiest pulling shank in the industry! It has demonstrated the ability to reduce draft requirements up to 60% over other conventionally designed shanks. When combined with the 'Drawn V' frame, the R&R Subsoilers have produced twice the acreage per day as compared to other subsoilers.


A 22° angle working face shank was chosen after extensive lab and field testing. The parabolic curve behind the 22° point is designed to lift, roll and shatter the subsoil. The shank pulls itself into the ground as it is drawn forward creating 'positive down draft.' This configuration permits deep penetration in all types of compacted soils. The shanks stay in the ground at the selected working depth.

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