Idromeccanica Rossi snc

Idromeccanica Rossi snc

Model R6 - Full and Part Circle Sprinkler



Full and part circle sprinkler, of low capacity. One nozzle. Inlet 1' Fem. The sprinkler can give a particularly homogeneous distribution of water.
The adjustable flow breaker helps regulating volume of drops and length of throw. R6 is particularly suitable for gardens and demanding or delicate crops in all their steps of growth.

The long lasting and efficient sector device is protected from dirt thanks to the related box, whose cover is anyhow not necessary for a good operation. The regulation rings of the sector device are strong and are equipped with ergonomic screws that allow an easy grip even with wetted hands. The moving arm is internally equipped by a high resistence bushing that assures long years of work. SPARE PART SERVICE: To obtain the drawing useful to identify spare parts correctly it is necessary you enter in the login section and then identify or register yourself. It is quick and simple, and will allow us to satisfy your necessities with precision and in a short time. Thank you for your collaboration.

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