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Model RB-1,5 - Swipple Schredder



Swipple schredder RB-1,5 to such biomass as: wood shavings, wood chips, chaff grinded down of straw, fragmented plates wood. The swipple schredder is a device universally used in lines for biomass drying and milling, being basic setting up preparing the raw material in lines of the production pellets whether of briquette of biomass. Swipple schredder RB-1,5 is a device, of which grinding down delivered material assigned to dry is a task, with aim of parrying water. He can be messing up preparing material immediately before the baling press or the briquette press also. The swipple schredder can be used also as setting up in lines preparing fodders for grinding cereal seeds down and granulators. Nominal productivity is dependent from the kind of material grinded down, of electric power of the mounted engine and the size of the eye of the working sieve. Scope of applied powers of electric motors from 20 up to 55 kW.

Fundamental elements of the structure :

  • upper case
  • bottom case
  • exchangegeable sieves
  • base
  • drive with support elements
  • swipples
  • shock absorber

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