Model RG 300 – RG 400 – RG 500 - Fertilizer Spreaders


Fertilizer spreader (RG) is intended for spreading dry fertilizer and granulated fertilizer. It is constructed to enable uniform distribution in the entire width, and separately on the left and right sides. A special attachment can be mounted on the spreader, enabling spreading in 4 lines with the regulation of line width. The spreader can also be used for sowing wheat and other crops, as well as salt spreading in winter conditions. The spreader can be made of plastic or stainless steel. We also offer 300 liter RGP with a plastic funnel and stainless steel disc.


  1. Attachment for 4-line fertilization which enables precise fertilizer dosing per each line
  2. Attachment for orchard and vineyard which enables fertilization in one or two lines
  3. Attachment for soil spreading in winter conditions

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