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Model RH/ ROMEO - Rolling Cultivator



Our rolling cultivator RH/ ROMEO is a modular and sectional machine, proper for every type of cultivation in rows. Thanks to its strongness and versatility the model RH/ reaches working speeds from 10 to 20 km/h. This allows to reduce considerably the working costs, allowing rapid interventions on the crops. Despite its speed of job, RH/ ROMEO effectively develops its action without damaging the seedlings, even if they are already budded. This happens thanks to the special conformation of the cogwheel which is constituted by a disc and 16 steel teeth with high resistance.

The most important particularity of RH/ ROMEO is its parallelogram, provided with adjustable pressure spring to follow the unevenness of the ground, with hard metal bushings and with four lubricators. Moreover every rolling star is mounted with dust cover, and every unit with five of these stars oscillates in the direction of the tractor. The rolling unit with five stars follows the soil working on a parallelepiped, and every parallelepiped can be regulated by an independent pressure spring.

Standard equipment for RH/ ROMEO:

  • EC safety guards;
  • Supporting feet;
  • 5 stars on each working unit;
  • Oscillating element in the sense of march;
  • Stars on double bearings and dust-cover;
  • Parallelogram with adjustable pressure spring;
  • Oscillant frames with central joint and lubricator;
  • Parallelogram with 4 lubricators and hard metal bushings.

Optional on request:

  • Couple of wheels on frame;
  • Folding frame for road transport.

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