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Model RP-20M - 2-Row Assisted Feed Planter



The Assisted Feed Planter allows a rider to assure that plots are planted with no skips or doubles.  It uses a carousel to deliver the seed pieces to the seed chute.  The mechanism, similar to the well-known but obsolete 'Iron Age' planter used extensively across the United States, has been designed to ease maintenance.  The planter can be built either as a completely manual feed or with an automatic feed hopper.  This planter can be used for flower bulbs as well as large seeded plants like some pumpkins or trees.

  • Proven 'Iron Age' Style Carousel Type Design
  • Durable UHMW Seed And Feed Discs
  • Seed Disc Easily Removed For Cleaning And Disinfecting
  • Fully Enclosed Gear Boxes For Long Trouble Free Life
  • Simple And Easy To Maintain
  • Plants Either Whole Seed Or Cut Seed
  • Quick Change Sprocket Set Customized For Each User
  • Traction Tires For Less Drive Wheel Slippage, Better Seed Spacing
  • Cushioned Seats For Riders
  • Tractor Mounted For Ease Of Use

  • Custom Configurations Available
  • Automatic Feed Hopper
  • Test Plot Rack

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