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- Model RPL 2015 ENT - Belt Shaker System



Represents the new concept of CRF tomato harvesters: its characteristics are lightness, agility, sturdiness and power at the same time. Realized to harvest even in the most difficult conditions, it does not fear damp, argillaceous and wet grounds, ensuring always a high collection speed and a high quality product. Supplied with belt shaker system, it is recommended to have high quality of the collected product and big productivity.

The new and more forwarded position of the driving seat allows a better vision of the picking rod and the loading arm during the tomato fall, and, at the same time, guarantees the total vision of all the dashboard instruments.Thanks to the high frame, the absence of bulky parts in the lower zone, and thanks to its transversal and longitudinal leveling and the high motility of its hydrostatic transmission, it is possible to pick up big amounts of tomato with a high speed without stops and product loss. To appreciate its features and qualities it is sufficient to examine each side of the machine. Also, the absence of carter in the lower zone, allows a quick cleaning intervention of the harvester.Also in the most binding and difficult conditions, as in damp or argillaceous ground case, rows with ruts or irrigation hose presence, the collection is quick and fast. The staff's use on the machine is reduced to the minimum and the selection of the final product remains of high level. The tomato unloading can be indifferently made in trailers provided with bins, in tank trailers or directly on the tracks, how highlights the photo.Fleet of harvesters in stop which have just finished the collection, at an agricultural company in the area of Xinijang, China.


The collection bar, floating on the ground, is supported by new tips adjustable in height and. This allows the operator to ensure the front pick-up bars are following the ground contours to ensure all the crop is collected and minimising any soil, stones etc. , ensuring a bigger collection speed. The left tip is equipped with a rotating drum at the front with a spiral bar which gently divides the crop and directs the product inside the picker.
By request, you can have it also on the right tip.


The collection bar is equipped with 2 new sets of lifting fingers of steel which, during their alternate movement, vibrate and reduce the earth slope. Their special design, protects the knife from the stones and at the time itself, allows to cut the plant to the root, making the collection operations easier. The operator can change the knife cut speed so that, also in remarkable vegetation presence, the collection speed remains high. Also, the collection bar's sweet inclination assures the slope of high amounts of product in every work situation.


The driver’s platform is mounted centrally above the collection bar and crop elevator providing excellent visibility to the operator of the crop during the work. On the dashboard, are positioned the tools with several spies and switches through which the operator can check the all operations of the machine. The multifunction joystick lever is ergonomic and of easy use.


The knife speed and of each conveyor belt of the picker, can be also changed independently during the collection operations. Also, it is possible to stop the working of the single conveyor belts: therefore, in damp or wet ground conditions, when harvesters are very dirty, the picker can be cleaned up doing restart separately the conveyor belts driving them from the last one up to the first avoiding the impurity store in a determinate zone.


The 'by pass' is recordable. This space allows any loose tomatoes, stones and soil clods to fall onto the Internal tomato conveyor without passing through the shaker system for a better efficiency and a smaller usury. This shaker system is protected on the upper part by a mobile grill.


To execute a delicate and fast tomato detachment operation from the plant, the belt shaker system represents an exceptional solution. The system is composed of 10 belts, provided with nylon fingers, positioned the one at 15 cm from the other one to allow the tomatoes to fall with easiness on the below internal conveyor belt. Two potentiometers positioned on the dashboard, allow the operator to find the correct relationship between frequency and stroke of the belts to execute the delicate detachment operation with every type of tomato, round and long. This system allows high productions also with peeled tomato, ensuring the maximum quality of the gathered product. The grease system of the front pulleys is of centralized type: the 10 greasers are placed outside the right side so as make operation very quickly.


Another new of 2015 year is the Double Fan. The lightest impurities are expelled by the airflow produced by the big rear fan with double rotor. With the Straw-Cutting system (optional), it blows the plant toward its knives to have better mowing.


The tomatoes are transferred from the Transverse Conveyor to the Blade conveyor where are uniformly distributed thanks to the special ribbon form, to feed the Electronic Sorting Odenberg mechanism. In this position, an operator can comfortably manually remove any plants or impurities.


The 40-channel electronic sorter, can be programmed to reject stones, soil clods, impurities and also green tomatoes. The electronic sorter selects the tomatoes not just using the color but also using infra red sensing to determine the ripeness. The operator can change the selection parameters also by the control pannel fixed on driver’s platform. Since the picker is leveling transversely and longitudinally, the product uniformly distributes himself on the long rubber conveyor for a perfect selection also in presence of high slopes.


The selectionated tomatoes are transferred from electronic sorter belt to manual grading conveyor where an operator can eliminate, if present, any impurities or 'stained' tomatoes. The manual grading conveyor is equipped with hydraulic advancement system to distribute more uniformly the tomatoes on the unloading arm.


The wide and along unloading arm divided into two sections, allows an easy unloading of the tomatoes picked up both in trailers provided with bins, in tank trailers or directly on the tracks. Both arm articulations can be checked both from the driver by the joystick lever and from the operator on the trailer for bins by two manipulators fixed in the final part of the arm itself.

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