Model RTME-1100 - Semiautomatic Vegetable Transplanter



The Renaldo Semiautomatic vegetable transplanter plants through plastic mulch covered beds at about one plant per second, per planting head. One row to six row (on three beds) configurations available. Easy to use carousel feed system requires one operator per planting head. The planting system is designed around our patented, award-winning Posi-Flow Ground Engaging System which can inject into the ground between 3,000 - 3,600 seedlings per hour, per one row unit.

Labor Savings

When implemented properly, the RTME1100 is capable of cutting the cost of labor associated with planting by up to 50%. Small growers planting between 25 and 200 acres of mixed crops are really going to appreciate this planters flexibility. The RTME is also smaller and lighter which allows it to fit narrow row centers of 60 inches and attached by a Category II or III three-point hitch to a tractor running at 45 horsepower.

Vegetable Transplanter Specifications

  • Row Centre Spacing 60 to 80 inches
  • In-Row Plant Spacing 8 to 24 inches
  • Side-by-Side Spacing 6 to 16 inches
  • Three point Hitch Category II (Standard)
  • Tool Bar Configuration Lock & Keeper Mounting,
  • Lateral Slide Adjustment
  • Feed System Carousel Type
  • Maximum Setting Capacity 3,000 to 3,600 per hour per one row unit
  • Raised Bed Capacity 0 to 14 inches
  • Standing Work Platform Runs Length of Toolbar
  • Tires 18 inches Traction Bar, 4 Ply
  • Automatic Leveling System Hydraulic

Optional Equipment for our Vegetable Transplanter

  • Reciprocating Packer Wheels
  • Plastic Mulch Hole Burner
  • Water/Liquid Fertilizer Injector
  • Universal Three Point Hitch
  • Containment Carousel System
  • Custom Carousel Tube Size
  • 20# or 100# Propan Tank Bracket
  • Stake Marker Kit
  • Empty Plant Storage Racks
  • 8 to 16 Inch Sprocket Kit
  • Additional Plant Storage Racks
  • Seat and Enclosed Work Cell

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