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Model S075 - Pop Up Sprinklers



Inlet: 3/4' F. Arc Adjustment Range: 40° to 360°. Flow Range: 1,9 - 53,4 l/m. Pressure Rating: 2,0 - 5,0 Bar. Precipitation Rate: 0,3 to 2,9 cm per Hour. Overall Height (Popped down):  18,7 cm. Recommended Spacing: 7,6 to 13,7 m. Radius: 6,7 to 15,5 m. Nozzle Trajectory: 25°. Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory: 11°. 8 standard and 4 Low Angle Nozzle Included. Riser Height: 10,2 cm Features and Benefits. Right Position Start-Rotor rotates counterclockwise from fixed right start position. Full and Part circle rotation-provides a full range of adjustment from 40° to 360°. Non-flushing wiper seal-reduces leaks caused by debris trapped under seal. 3/4' Inlet-Replaces all standard rotors. Ideal for low flow applications. Rubber Cover-Seals out dirt and increases product durability. Wide Selection of Nozzles- Including standard and low angle,provides flexibility in system design.. Five Year Limited Warranty.

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