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Model ŞK-PMD - Disc Type Pneumatic Precision Planter



SAKALAK PNEUMATIC PRECISION PLANTER WITH DISCS Is using to sensitive sowing a all types of seeds, providing to sowing to desired row space and distance. Optionally could be 2-4-5-6-7-8-12 serial produced.

  • The seed bearing in the sowing units is opening with disc whereby. In every sowing units two discs (made of special material) is exist .
  • Cause the sowing Units is a disc type and through the cutting discs which is able to mounting to front of the chassis is possible to work on stalk resiudes soil at cultivated or semi-cultivated soils.
  • Cause the the transaction picking up from wheels and delivering it to the shaft mechanism, is possible to make a precision sowing on distances on the rows.
  • Through the wheels at the sowing unit. Is possible to make a depth adjust at all soil conditions.
  • The sowing units is tighting with the screws on V type pressure Wheels placed at the back side. The pressure made by rear wheel and angle is adjust with the arc. Because V type wheels is sliding at the soil is prevent formation of the layer.
  • Disc sowing units at early mellowness of soil is giving a possibility to make early sowing.
  • Pneumatic sowing machines with disc foots is suitable for sowing to the ridge. Doesn’t impair ridges.
  • Cause the seeding bed is opening with the turing discs could not be toughen. Is suitable for growing plant and isn’t give much weight to the Tractor.
  • At required time the units is easy switching to road and working status.
  • Optionally is possible to install a different accessories.
  • With their working speed and flawless performance, saving time and provide a high productivity.

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