Model SL-Series - Log Splitters



Drop the ax and rid yourself of back-breaking manual log splitting with a Shaver log splitter. The Shaver lineup of SL-Series log splitters split through large and odd-shaped logs in seconds with a simple hydraulic lever. Our log splitters are built for farms, rental operations and contractors.

The SL-2036-T has a heavy-duty cylinder that allows you to split logs up to 36-inches long.

Our skid steer loader log splitter splits or quarters logs quickly at either ground or waist level. It can easily slice through logs up to 24 inches in length.

This skid steer loader-mounted log splitter splits logs up to 36-inches long. It features all of the power and splitting capability of the SL-2036-T with the added maneuverability of a skid steer loader.

Shaver's unique four-way blade allows you to quarter a log in one split once you reach the finish-work level. So you have more fire-ready logs while saving time, fuel, labor and wear on your log splitter and tractor or skid steer loader.

Built for long days of operation, Shaver SL-Series log splitters are easy to hook up. A universal bracket on both the SL-2024-S and SL-2036-S make it easy to attach to almost any skid steer loader with nothing more than a wrench. The tractor-mounted SL-2024-T and SL-2036-T models are just as simple. Because the entire splitting operation is handled with the pull of a lever mounted on the machine, operating these log splitters is a simple one-person job.

Handle even the big logs with back-saving flexibility. Because all of the Shaver SL-Series log splitters feature a horizontal splitting height adjustment, you can easily load and unload logs from waist or ground level. That means you lessen the back-breaking work of moving logs, whether you're loading from the ground, a log pile or the back of truck.

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