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Model SM 310 FP - Round Front Mounted Mower



Due to the compact linkage on the FP mower, the centre of gravity lies very close to the tractor. This results in a low load for the tractor and machine, and reliably prevents rocking, even when driving quickly on roads. The attachment and removal of the machine using a mounting triangle, which is extremely easy and quick to complete, is another advantage of this model. Additional hydraulic connections are not required.

Good ground following – the pivot travel makes this happen’

The mower is attached in the centre of gravity using a swinging axle. This leads to excellent ground adaptation (+/- 6.5°) and reliably prevents contamination of your quality forage. The mechanical spring relief causes a lower contact pressure for the cutter bar across the entire working width. When driving on roads, the mower is automatically stabilised by a spring centring system, providing a high level of safety and maximum comfort.

Conditioner – Achieving Quality Forage More Quickly

The SM 310 FP front-mounted mower is also available with an optional roller conditioner (RC) or tine rotor conditioner (KC). If you use a conditioner, you achieve your quality forage more quickly because the water drainage from your plants is accelerated. This gives you a decisive time advantage, particularly in unstable weather conditions – a quicker and safer way to produce your quality forage.

SLl Version – For Optimum Swath Gathering That Is Less Impactive For The Forage

The swather variant with cam-controlled feed tines ensures swaths are deposited in defined, compact lines (> 1.10 m depending on type of forage and crop). The feed tines deposit a precisely shaped, lightly packed swath which is suitable for all pick-up widths. Swaths are placed between the tractor wheels at all times, preventing the forage from being driven over. This defined depositing of the swath is particularly convenient on inclines when working with hillside lines. You achieve the desired result – clean basic feed for your livestock.

At a glance:

  • Compact linkage
  • No hydraulic connection required
  • Excellent ground adaptation
  • Tine-rotor conditioner or roller conditioner
  • Rake version

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