AquaSeeding Services Pty Ltd

AquaSeeding Services Pty Ltd

Model SM3 - AquaSeeder StrawMulcher


The AquaSeeder Mini Straw Mulcher is sturdy and long lasting. It has a 13.4 kw twin cylinder air cooled petrol engine direct coupled to a drive shaft that powers the blower fan and flail-type beater chains that mulch the straw. The engine has electric start and a low oil pressure shutdown system. The AquaSeeder Mini Straw Mulcher is portable and fits easily into trailers or 4WD utilities.

Length 1500mm
Width 700mm
Height 1000mm
Power 13.4 kw
Blower Fan 400mm dia high velocity
Beater chains 4 pairs, hardened
Discharge Hose 10 or 20m x 150mm dia
Battery 12v heavy duty
Fuel Tank 20 litre

Material type Straw or hay
Capacity 2 bales/minute (damp straw at slower rates)
Discharge Distance 10m from end of hose; 20 to 30m range

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