Model SVS - Pre-Grading Machines



Schouten SVS pre-grading machines are ideally suited for high-capacity barn storage; they feature the precision and product-friendliness for which the shock grading machines are well known.

With every ‘shock’ movement the product is tossed up at an angle and then topples forward at an angle. This means that the product never has the chance to find a way between the grading holes. Installing the SVS behind a chute allows you to carry out primary sorting of your product at the start of the barn storage process. You may want to do this, for example, because oversized potatoes sold straight from the land fetch such a good price. The discharge belt from the chute can be used as discharge belt for the SVS pre-grading machine.

The difference to other shock grading machines lies in the shock adjustment. On the SVS pregrading machine, only the shock depth is adjustable; this is the distance that the product rises from the sieve bed. The shock direction of the SVS model is fixed because the torsion tube is fitted transversely in the machine. The main benefit of this is that it enables the extension of the rugged sieve bed to a width of up to 240 cm.


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